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Friday, 16 July 2010

The Fear Factory: New report highlights damage caused by the law and order ‘arms race’

Press Release: 15 July 2010

The Fear Factory Coalition enthusiastically welcomes the launch of the report, Time for a fresh start, by one of our members, the Independent Commission on Youth Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour. The report echoes the Fear Factory Coalition’s concerns over the damage done to children and young people and public safety by the law and order ‘arms race’.

The report was prompted by concern over consistent failings in the responses to crime and antisocial behaviour by children and young people. The commission notes: “concern over poor results is matched by dismay over the quality of past political debates about youth crime:

· For many years politicians appear to have been caught in a war of words on the basis that public opinion would favour whichever party sounded ‘tougher’.

· The facts were a notable casualty, to the point where three out of four people still believe that crime is going up, despite sound evidence that it has been falling for the past 16 years.*

· The consequences of this punitive ‘arms race’ have been expensive for taxpayers; but have not improved public confidence.”

The report also notes: “Given people’s retributive ‘top of the head’ response to youth crime when polled, it would be surprising if politicians did not, to some extent, take advantage of the public mood. Even so, the policy ‘arms race’ that has developed in the past 20 years has been exceptionally fierce. Commentators have drawn particular attention to the synergy between media-fuelled offenders and the rhetoric from political leaders of both left and right.”

The time has come for a fresh start and the report is a fantastic place to start in creating and implementing an effective, long term youth justice policy; a policy that is based on evidence rather than driven by short-term political gain, media sensationalism and ‘tough-talk’.


* Walker, A., Flatley, J., Kershaw, C. and Moon, D. (2009) Crime in England and Wales 2008/09. London: Home Office.
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